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NABIC 500SS High Lift Safety Valve

  • £503.44
  • Save £-117.10

    The NABIC 500SS High Lift Safety Valve has been designed for applications where the properties of stainless steel are required for the service fluid being used but the working environment does not necessitate a full stainless steel valve. NABIC valves now come with an industry leading 5 year guarantee.

    Setting and testing of the valve is included free of charge, along with a pressure test certificate confirming this.

    If you have an existing NABIC valve that requires testing and recertifying why not try our NABIC valve test and recertify service.

    Sizes: 3/4" (DN15*), 1" (DN20*), 1.1/4" (DN25*), 1.1/2" (DN32*), 2" (DN40*), 2.1/2" (DN50*)
    Connections: Male BSPP Inlet x Female BSPP Outlet
    Materials: Gunmetal Body, Stainless Steel wetted parts, Stainless Steel with PTFE disk
    Set Pressure: 1.0 to 12.5 Barg (DN15 to DN25), 0.4 to 12.5 Barg (DN32 to DN50)
    Temperature: -20 degC to 195 degC Max
    Note: *The DN value quoted in the table below and embossed on the body of the valve indicates the NABIC 500 body size used to make this valve and has no relationship to the inlet or outlet size. We set and test the valves here to the set pressure you require before shipping.